How Much Are Formliners?

Exactly how much do concrete form liner designs cost businesses these days?  To give you an idea, check out this Meadville Tribune article:

It will cost about $2.3 million to build a two-level employee parking deck near the Crawford County Courthouse in Meadville.

Bids for the deck including multiple construction alternatives were opened March 6. At their work session Wednesday, county commissioners received a recommendation that Perry Construction Group Inc. of Erie be awarded the contract with a total construction cost of $2,318,000.

Perry submitted the lowest of four base bids for the deck at Walnut Street and Chancery Lane with $2,419,000. The construction cost falls to $2,318,000 if four recommended alternates are approved, according to Brian Noah, the county’s project manager.

Those alternates are removal of a concrete form liner — used to make design on concrete walls — deducting $85,000; removal of five parking spaces on the deck’s perimeter, deducting $51,000; using a concrete slab on the first floor adds $35,000; and improving stormwater inlets around the deck adds $8,500. Noah said the city of Meadville has agreed to reimburse the county the $8,500 for the stormwater inlets work.

County commissioners may consider using the $10.3 million in investment funds the county has to pay for part or all of the parking deck project.

The deck will give the county about 130 parking spaces for employee parking.

As you can see the form liner concrete designs alone costs around $85K, which is used to design concrete walls in this particular project case.